At Skillbill, we are passionate about delivering exceptional results for our valued clients. Our approach to project organization encompasses a range of methodologies, from turnkey projects to consulting services. We adopt flexible strategies, including Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid methods, tailored to meet the unique needs of each project.

Through unwavering commitment, seamless collaboration, and utmost trustworthiness, we ensure that projects are executed to perfection.

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Meet our consultants

Each of our consultants specializes in a unique profile, bringing a comprehensive set of skills and capabilities to meet your specific needs.

Meet some of them to get an idea of our available profiles!

Profile 1


Hi there, I'm Paolo!

20 years of experience Technical degree Native in Italian Proficient in English

I started working in the embedded field, involving both hardware and software. I used low-level languages like VHDL and assembler, and then transitioned to C/C++. After that, I became a backend developer working primarily in Java and eventually also in Kotlin. Currently, my focus is on the web2/web3 scope, where I use React or Vue for development. Along the way, I have acquired extensive knowledge as a sys-op on the Linux platform, particularly in areas related to AWS and Kubernetes.

I enjoy my work, and I like delving into the implementation of libraries and frameworks to better understand their limitations. Moreover, I can adapt to any teammate I work with, even if I have my own preferences. I make an effort to extract the best from every person I interact with.

C++ Java Kotlin Javascript Solidity RDBMS NOSQL AWS Vue React
Developer Project Leader Software Architect Fullstack Developer Mobile Developer Devops Developer Web3 Developer
Embedded Telco Startup Capacity Planning

Profile 2


Hello, I'm Enrico!

3 years of experience Technical degree Native in Italian Fluent in English

As a recent graduate, I swiftly transitioned into the role of a software developer, gaining valuable experience in diverse projects covering both front-end and back-end development. My expertise lies primarily in back-end technologies, where I excel at building high-performance web services using Rust and Axum. On the front-end, I’ve demonstrated versatility, employing Elm, JavaScript/TypeScript with React/Solid/Vue, and Tailwind for various projects.

I embrace self-reflection as a crucial aspect of personal growth, consistently seeking to identify and overcome areas for improvement. By acknowledging and addressing my flaws, I strive to continuously enhance my skills and abilities.

JavaScript TypeScript Python Rust RDBMS NoSQL Vue React
Developer Fullstack Developer Mobile Developer

Profile 3


Hey, I'm Donato!

4 years of experience Technical degree Native in Italian Fluent in English Beginner in French

With expertise in people management and leadership, a keen eye for client requests, and strong estimation capabilities, I excel as a cross-technology enthusiast and problem solver. My proven abilities to work under stressful conditions and in quality-oriented production environments contribute to my success. While specializing in front-end engineering, my computer engineering degree enables me to contribute valuable technical suggestions across the entire technology stack.

Meticulous attention to detail is a key strength of mine, enabling me to deliver precise and high-quality work consistently. By maintaining accuracy, I contribute to the overall success of projects and meet or exceed expectations.

Javascript Typescript Python RDBMS NOSQL Vue React
Developer Fullstack Developer Mobile Developer
Startup Travel E-Commerce