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Maximum effectiveness in production of high quality software for our customers with the best mix of technology, methodology and engineering.
The company value is in the people: who works in Skillbill is prepared, passionate and pragmatic: in short "Skill matters".


  • Selection

    Skillbill's recruitment is tough. New Junior entries receive intense training. We do a constant evaluation of the people's skills trying to enhance them project by project.

  • Transparency

    We have maximum transparency in internal and external communications helping to create cohesion.

  • Trustiness

    With our skilled and productive human capital we are able to establish long-term customer relationships based on trust.

How Skillbill helps its customers?

Our expert consultants can integrate quickly within the customer's team sharing their targets and their challenges. They embrace the Agile approach, mastering SCRUM, and drive the customer throughout the project phases of design, development, testing, deployment and support. For Skillbill it’s important to accomplish the job fulfilling the deadlines agreed with the customer.

What can Skillbill do for my company?

Skillbill can make the difference when a robust software development partner is needed. No matter what your preferred language or target O.S. is, we operate when the level of complexity is high. If you have a technical challenge, you are definitely in the right place. Our customer is generally a large company (also a multinational company) or a medium-large company.

Some company stats

  • 14
    years of software development, 25% senior resources with over 20 years of experience
  • 130+
    completed projects, approx. 30k hours / year of software development, 30% for foreign countries
  • Languages
    Java, JS, Python, C++, C, Go
  • Areas
    Microservices, Docker, Kubernets, CI/CD Pipelines, Embedded, Mobile, SmartTV, Set Top Boxes, SCADA, Machine Learning (Tesseract), BigData (Ms Azure Data Lake, Hadoop)
  • Cloud
    AWS, Azure, Serverless, Virtual machines, Containers, Terraform, Ansible
  • Frontend
    Angular, AngularJS, React, Vue, Webkit, SVG,
  • Services
    Redis, AuroraDB, DocumentDB, EC2, NOSQLs, RDBMs
  • Organization
    Agile / Scrum since 2005, Formation/Training

Our Team

Skillbill people are software developers. Thanks to their skills, they are able to cover many areas, from server software to complex user interfaces, mobile applications, mission critical field control software, streaming and multimedia applications and tools. Software is a key element of their professional interests. Partecipating and doing conferences, taking time for studying and having a costant exchange and support, we invests in technical skills to keep them updated on the latest technologies and to making sure that colleagues can have a successful career.

We are always busy looking for the best languages, frameworks, skills, methodologies and tools that allow us to develop a better software. For Skillbill Better Software means a Software with less problems, easy to maintain, delivering top-class performances.


Some of us agreed to write a small profile ot themself here. We are proud to work with them and here you can have a look of our colleagues. You can see them in a random order.
Antonio Castaldi - Toto
antonio castaldi profile picture


Main Skills HRM, Production Manager, Software architect, Software developer
Francesco Ciacca - Franz
francesco ciacca profile picture

Nerd Entrepreneur
Passionate about tech, sports, movies, theater and life

Main Skills Software Architect, Solution Architect
Antonio Salvati
antonio salvati profile picture

Passionate about web development 🌍
Videogames player πŸ•ΉοΈ
Pizza eater πŸ•

Main Skills Frontend development, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Angelo Di Filippo
angelo di filippo profile picture

Passionate about technology 📱
Football fan ⚽
Father 👶

Main Skills Fullstack engineer, Java, Python, JavaScript, Typescript, SQL, HTML, CSS
Federica Piccolini
federica piccolini profile picture


Main Skills Administration, Project Managment, UX Designer
Ugo Palatucci
ugo palatucci profile picture

Love to Learn
LoL player

Main Skills Frontend Developer, Vue, JS, CSS
Carmine Capo
carmine capo profile picture

Football ⚽
Food πŸ•
Sportsman πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ

Main Skills Software Developer, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Eleonora Fucci
eleonora fucci profile picture

Animals & Nature Lover 🌳🦊
Runner πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Main Skills Software Developer, Python, JS, HTML, CSS
Paolo Achdjian
Paolo Achdjian profile picture

Fantasy Book

Main Skills Backend Software Developer, c++, java, kotlin, springboot
Pierantonio Zocchi
Pierantonio Zocchi profile picture

Team player
Football ⚽
Assiduous reader
Passionate about tech, sports and life

Main Skills Full Stack Developer, javascript, java, angular, spring, springboot
Matteo Calderoni
Matteo Calderoni profile picture

Milan πŸ”΄βš«
Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
Travel & food lover

Main Skills Full Stack Developer, javascript, Vue, NodeJs, Perl.

Skillbill in the World

Being a small team hasn’t stopped us from dreaming big.
Skillbill works with international customers, interacting and integrating with teams that are located all around the world.
Skillbill has an important history on it, which can prove its ability. Since its early days Skillbill has efficiently jumped at the opportunity given by Internet to serve remote customers across the world as if Skillbill were the next door company. And we don’t mean plain vanilla offshore outsourcing for routine tasks, but again challenging projects and awesome products aimed to be the next big thing. And who knows, soon enough Skillbill will be physically located at the next door of many companies all around the world.
We are also close to out customers even if they are abroad. The major cities are Oslo, London and Amsterdam.

Remote work

Currently all Skillbill workers do their work remotely. This flexibility will be maintained even after the period of urgency related to the pandemic event.

Milan's office

The historical Office is 5 minutes walk from the Duomo of Milano! Via Della Signora n.6 - 20122 MILAN

Salerno's Office

at "Palazzo Innovazione" in the center of the city

Admin Office
Via XX Settembre n.114/A - 06124 PG