About us

Skillbill is a software house with strong technological capabilities focused on the development of:

  • Digital TV and multiscreen solutions for Set-top-box, Mobile applications, Web and Smart TV
  • Video Streaming product for large scale OTT services
  • Design, develop and management for Cloud based solution (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Gcp)
  • Highly interactive web applications / mobile apps
  • IoT and Smart Building applications
  • SCADA software

How Skillbill helps its customers?

Skillbill’s key resources are expert consultants that can integrate quickly within the customer's team sharing their targets and their challenges. They embrace the Agile approach, mastering SCRUM, and drive the customer throughout the project phases of design, development, testing, deployment and support.
For Skillbill it’s important to accomplish the job fulfilling the deadlines agreed with the customer.

Skillbill may not be the right choice if you are still defining your business or marketing strategy, but it is the perfect match if you have already outlined your business requirements.

What can Skillbill do for my company?

Skillbill can make the difference when a robust software development partner is needed. No matter what your preferred language or target O.S. is, we operate when the level of complexity is high.

If you have a simple task to achieve, you are better off with a cheaper partner.

If you have a technical challenge, you are definitely in the right place.