Skillbill in the World

Being a small team hasn’t stopped us from dreaming big.
Skillbill works with international customers, interacting and integrating with teams that are located all around the world.
Skillbill has an important history on it, which can prove its ability. Since its early days Skillbill has efficiently jumped at the opportunity given by Internet to serve remote customers across the world as if Skillbill were the next door company. And we don’t mean plain vanilla offshore outsourcing for routine tasks, but again challenging projects and awesome products aimed to be the next big thing. And who knows, soon enough Skillbill will be physically located at the next door of many companies all around the world.
We are also close to out customers even if they are abroad. The major cities are Oslo, London and Amsterdam.

Remote work

Currently all Skillbill workers do their work remotely. This flexibility will be maintained even after the period of urgency related to the pandemic event.

Milan's office

The historical Office is 5 minutes walk from the Duomo of Milano! Via Della Signora n.6 - 20122 MILAN

Salerno's Office

at "Palazzo Innovazione" in the center of the city

Admin Office
Via XX Settembre n.114/A - 06124 Perugia - (PG)