Streaming Tech

The development of sophisticated OTT websites and apps, enabling robust user interaction across a wide range of devices, encompassing extensive TVod and AVod libraries, smart recommendations, content pushing, smooth streaming, network optimization, content encryption, and content abuse countermeasures, demands a highly diverse skill set found in the role of a full-stack streaming developer. This figure is distinct from front-end and back-end developers, who possess some overlapping competencies but look to the full-stack streaming developer as their guide and reference point.

Streaming Tech

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TV Front-end developer

It deals with the part of the website visible to the user and with which the user interacts. In case of web client and most part of current SmartTv and and STB, using a mixture HTML, CSS and Javascript code, as well as any of the best-in-class web framework (such as React, AngularJs, Vue.js, Meteor), he creates the structure and content of the webapp built around the player, gives it style, player controls, content navigation and makes it possible for the user to interact with it. Normally he also has user experience skills. In case of native clients such as iOS and Android devices. he knows how to integrate the most used native player framework using Swift/ObjectiveC for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android, with a deep knowledge of of DRM modules and streaming protocols, which in case of a native player have to be directly managed by the app running the player.

TV Back-end developer

He works on the non-visible part of the OTT architecture, taking care of the server-side operation with interventions that do not impact on what users see when they visit the site. In terms of specific knowledge, the TV back-end developer usually uses languages such as Java and Python. He has Experience in realizing end-to-end solution architecture for large & complex systems
and in designing and running applications on AWS/ Azure or Other Cloud Providers. He has a deep understanding of video protocols, as well as general understanding of wider technologies adopted by OTT solutions e.g. IP/TCP, ABR, Encoding, DVB, DRM&CAS. He must be proficient in database design and development as well as handling infrastructure tools and technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS/Azure, Elastic Search, Redis, and many others. Ensuring platform security and reliability are his other main duties.

TV Fullstack developer

This is a developer with both front-end and back-end skills, where backend and frontend are declined in the digital TV environment, who knows streaming protocols, codecs and encodings, CA and DRM, native player as well as web player, native mobile development for iOS and Android, as well as HTML5 app development, JavaScript, Java, Python and the other scripting languages used to design and run software.
In particular:

  • Client side – creates everything of the application that is visible to the end user (the player as well as the GUI layout, positioning of text and images, colours, fonts, buttons, etc.) using usually HTML, CSS and JavaScript in case HTML5 TV client;
  • Server side – creates algorithms to manipulate and organise the streaming content to be shown to the client in a fast, efficient, secure and reliable way. He’s also responsible for the implementation of any action that must be performed in response to a client request.


The set of skills that a full stack developer must have coincides with those described above, but to complete the set of fundamental knowledge needed we must also add that related to databases, relational or not, aimed at storing data.

OTT Solution Architect

The OTT Solution Architect is the responsible for the architecture of OTT Clients (Mobile, Connected TV’s, Roku etc), its Content Management Systems (CMS) and their use of the OTT platform and interfaces to various subsystems. He is proficient in defining solutions architectures that deliver all platform aspects of an OTT IPTV product offering. He has demonstrable experience of defining and delivering architectural solutions that support very high numbers of peak concurrent users, that are highly available, and highly resilient in the face of dependent component failures. He has deep understanding and delivery experience of building web-oriented distributed systems architectures that can work both on the portion of the app or software with which the user will interact, and on the whole hidden infrastructure that allows to manage the functioning mechanisms.

Skillbill Specializations on TV/Streaming Applications

As Skillbill, we have focused our forces on a particular area related to video broadcasting in all its forms, making use of the skills described above. Our competences cover all the streaming technologies in an end-to-end fashion, in fact we are actively involved from purely backend tasks like Vod ingestion, transcoding, encryption to device frontend development and device player customization.
We currently follow and we have followed many customers in the streaming and television area like : Sky, Liberty Global, ChiliTV, Norigin Media and Yotta Media Lab.
With our strong and long experience in software development, we take care of many aspects of the entire streaming service chain:
Infrastructure as code, integration of ad-hoc services, back-end, web front-end, Smart-TV and on Set-top-box. We have senior knowledge in DRM, Transcoding and Players. Cutting-edge technologies such as Microservices, Hbbtv 2.0, Rdk, RiskTV, Wiplay and the most used Javascript frameworks.
Consultancy, whole project or part of it. In every case, our effectiveness is always at the highest levels.