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Skillbill’s Customer is usually a large (even multinational) or medium-large company, most often with a strong technological focus. We favor long-term relationships with our customers, including the transfer of our skills as part of the service. These are some of the customers we work with to achieve their goals. For us, our customers are partners and our goal is to achieve measurable results. Following the customers we work with in the last year.

3 Caravelle logo

3 Caravelle

Front-end (Vue.js) / Mobile (Ioniq) application development for tourism 4.0 .

Ageing Tech logo

Ageing Tech

Front-end (Vue.js) . Mobile first webapp, continuos-delivery and devops.

E. Bergamaschi & Figlio spa logo

E. Bergamaschi & Figlio spa

We assessed the customer’s e-commerce site. After a set of proposed improvements, working with the internal IT team we implemented the proposals. The resulting user experience was improved to meet the customer’s goal.

Computer Futures, Ein Geschaftszweig Der Stree Austrua Gmbh logo

Computer Futures, Ein Geschaftszweig Der Stree Austrua Gmbh

Front-end application development (React.js) for an automated test generation platform owned by the company Tricentis.

Fastweb logo


We took care of Fastweb TV, both in the part related to STB Middleware and to the construction of the RaiClick portal. In the operations area, we developed TaglioCavo and Inventory, respectively: a tool for real-time monitoring of services on fibers in the field and an integrated management system for tracking all the operator’s equipment.

Messagenet logo


We have been working with this small Telco for over 10 years, and have developed a relationship of mutual trust, always integrating with the in-house technical team. The rapid technological evolution has allowed both companies to stay up-to-date in the VoIP field.

Norigin Media logo

Norigin Media

We help Noriginmedia both in the development of their TV frontend solution running on both SmartTV and STB, also we provide highly skilled professionals backend developers for helping their OTT customers.

Sky Italia logo

Sky Italia

We developed and now manage an internal system for the broadband quality team. This is in charge to analyze in real-time and in batch mode the metrics of the broadband and voice service provided by Sky in Italy.

Startup Bakery logo

Startup Bakery

We are actively involved in the pipeline of the creation of new startups of the customer’s group. So we participate in the definition of MVP, in its development and the maintenance of the project in production .

Telia logo


We provide Telia with the development team for its unified clients for SmartTV and STB.

The applications are for LG, Samsung and STB and are based on Shaka Player with various protocols as DASH, HLS, Playready and related DRM. We also provide resources to Telia Norway for the VoD content ingestion team covering both metadata and transcoding with Bitmovin and HLS/DASH packaging with DRM Fairplay and Widewine.

T & T Sistemi srl logo

T & T Sistemi srl

Front-end HTML5 (Web HMI) application development for SCADA applications in railroad.

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