Our Team

Skillbill people are software developers. Thanks to their skills, they are able to cover many areas, from server software to complex user interfaces, mobile applications, mission critical field control software, streaming and multimedia applications and tools. Software is a key element of their professional interests. Partecipating and doing conferences, taking time for studying and having a costant exchange and support, we invests in technical skills to keep them updated on the latest technologies and to making sure that colleagues can have a successful career.

We are always busy looking for the best languages, frameworks, skills, methodologies and tools that allow us to develop a better software. For Skillbill Better Software means a Software with less problems, easy to maintain, delivering top-class performances.


Some of us agreed to write a small profile ot themself here. We are proud to work with them and here you can have a look of our colleagues. You can see them in a random order.
Antonio Castaldi - Toto
antonio castaldi profile picture


Main Skills HRM, Production Manager, Software architect, Software developer
Francesco Ciacca - Franz
francesco ciacca profile picture

Nerd Entrepreneur
Passionate about tech, sports, movies, theater and life

Main Skills Software Architect, Solution Architect
Antonio Salvati
antonio salvati profile picture

Passionate about web development 🌍
Videogames player πŸ•ΉοΈ
Pizza eater πŸ•

Main Skills Frontend development, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Federica Piccolini
federica piccolini profile picture


Main Skills Administration, Project Managment, UX Designer
Carmine Capo
carmine capo profile picture

Football ⚽
Food πŸ•
Sportsman πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ

Main Skills Software Developer, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Eleonora Fucci
eleonora fucci profile picture

Animals & Nature Lover 🌳🦊
Runner πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Main Skills Software Developer, Python, JS, HTML, CSS
Paolo Achdjian
Paolo Achdjian profile picture

Fantasy Book

Main Skills Backend Software Developer, c++, java, kotlin, springboot
Pierantonio Zocchi
Pierantonio Zocchi profile picture

Team player
Football ⚽
Assiduous reader
Passionate about tech, sports and life

Main Skills Full Stack Developer, javascript, java, angular, spring, springboot
Matteo Piselli - Ibrido Digitale
Matteo Piselli profile picture

Social media
Contemporary art

Main Skills Digital Consultant, Social Media Manager, TEDx curator, Moderator, Crowdfunding
Biagio Ruggiero
Biagio Ruggiero profile picture

Passionate about culture and life
Books πŸ“š
typing: coding < --- > fiction-writing

Main Skills Math, Software Developer, Python, JS, HTML, CSS
Paolo Infante
Paolo Infante profile picture

Tech enthusiast and developer
Passionate about software architecture
Chemistry βš—οΈ

Main Skills Software Developer, TS/JS, HTML/CSS, Python, Kotlin
Giuliano Lazzara
Giuliano Lazzara profile picture

Stats and Graph enjoyerβ€‹πŸ“Šβ€‹πŸ“ˆβ€‹
Aspiring BugBuster⚠️
Eager to explore the worldπŸŒβ€‹

Main Skills Math, ML, Developer, Python, C++