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Choosing the live streaming platform

Live video streaming is becoming very popular. From the original schema where traditional broadcaster were using it for widening with the internet audience it moved to more liquid and innovative models, scaling from new OTT operators who are challenging with it the traditional TV big players of sports rights down to becoming a media for new local TVs and new specialized channels. Furthermore, the 2020 pandemic gave it an incredible boost, where the lockdown of theaters, stadiums and music halls has generated an huge offer of streaming of live events as alternative user experience of art performances. As effect of it the offer of live video platform has become a crowded market, where the customers may are not ready yet to fully aware of what to consider in order to choice the solution best tailored to them. Their contents, size of the audiences, business models, desired customer experiences and time to market can have big impacts on finding the offer best suited for them. Skillbill is willing to help clients who are facing this choice proposing itself as a reliable technical partner from the very first steps to the long term, thanks to the huge experience in streaming started in 2005 and covering all the production flow, from the content ingestion up to the TV players on users’ devices. As first step, Skillbill suggests starting with this guide which is very valuable for who is willing to enter the Live TV adventure.

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