Who is Skillbill?

Skillbill is a software house with strong tecnological capabilities focused on the development of highly interactive web application or web frontend built for maximizing user experience, the realization of Internet/Intranet portal and applications using open source or proprietary CMS, IPTV middleware and related tools, web and mobile applications for the VOIP world, SCADA software for general purpose and specialized for rail applications.

How Skillbill works for his customers?

Skillbill is able to integrate quickly itself with the customer's team. Skillbill likes to share targets and risks with their customers. Skillbill doesn't like waterfall approach. Instead, Skillbill prefers pragmatical approaches, expecially those coming from Agile movement. Skillbill likes to introduces customer to these approaches, if it's needed. Skillbill is able to accomplish fixed cost and fixed time tasks. Skillbill isn't a good choice if you still need to define your business or your marketing campaign, but it can be the right gun if you really know what the software should do.

What can Skillbill do for my company?

Skillbill best fits his customer's needs whenever a strong technical software development partner is needed. No matter your preferred language is, no matter your target O.S. is, but complexity really matters. If it's trivial, you wrong fall down here. If it's quite simple, you better find out someone cheaper. But, yes, If it's really a tecnical challenge, you are in the right place.