From Consulting to Training

Using our experience in software development and in training, we have followed and currently follow our Telco customers in a path of migration of their Technical team to the DevOps development. We believe that this working methodology is replicable in other contexts that could have from it large and lasting benefits.

Skillbill package

We finally came out with a package including a combination of a training course, mentoring and skilled development resources. This solution is thought for customers which have a consolidated, but old fashioned team dedicated to network operation who want to upgrade their team, as well as its member, to a real DevOps team, with all the proper skills, tools, and methodologies applied.

Course details

It starts with a training period on Software Engineering knowledge tailored on the needs of the teams. In this way, the experts in the domain of the telecommunications company can have a good panoramic of the best tools and methodologies good in the creation of tools. The course is on the state-of-the-art methodologies and tools chosen to achieve the desired results in the short term period. In the final stages of the course, some requirements are collected in order to develop some desired use cases.


We are the perfect partner for the customer team, our software engineers, and at least one coordinator, drive the development of what is required. We are very proactive offering technical tools to be effective, where:

  • code versioning

  • activity tracking

  • release automation

  • cloud solutions

are the most notable examples.

The activities organization, inspired and driven by agile methodologies, is proposed and guided by us in an active way: weekly status reports, fast communication channels and pair-programming support.

Following an example course:

  • Code versioning

  • Git / Github

  • Agile SCRUM

  • Activity tracking and tools

  • Python for network admins

  • Core principle of Docker/Container

  • Basic AWS

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • CI / CD pipelines

Success stories

Although this initiative started just during in 2018, it has been immediately successful within two large Telcos of the italian market, Fastweb Spa and Sky Italia. In both cases it got enthusiastic feedbacks and reached goals even beyond customer expectations, with both satisfaction for the management and for the team members, who have seen their roles and their competences growed up and changed their workday, now with much fewer repetitive tasks and much more filled of fun resulting from doing things better and faster